History of eBay and internet based Shopping

A united states internet company eBay Inc has brought up one of many largest shopping online and auction platforms on earth; the eBay. With internet having a prime devote the lives of the buyers and sellers worldwide, eBay has become one from the largest facilitator of internet business transaction today. Many different services and goods are transacted on this platform. – hand held tablet press

History of eBay extends back to the year 1995 that commenced the testimonials with the dot.com bubble. Covering more than thirty countries, eBay has expanded its original format of “set-time” auction by converting it to “buy it now” auction. Transactions online take great shape just like the classified advertisements online, event ticket trading or standard shopping on the net.

Dispensing with the practice of income transactions, eBay is now accepting debit and credit cards, pay pal and the like other financial transaction methods of online money transfer. Good reputation for eBay shows that the foundation with this online website was laid around 1995 from the Iranian computer programmer Pierre Omidyar who was born in France. First item that was sold on eBay platform was obviously a broken laser printer at a cost of just $14.83. Unique feature from the transaction could be that the laser printer was bought by a collector of broken laser printers.

As far as a history of eBay is worried, the online shopping platform was created to help Omidyar’s finance trade. Adam Cohen’s book named “The Perfect Store” revealed this secret in 2002 and eBay also confirmed the authenticity with this claim.

Firs employee of the organization was Chris Agarpao and Jeffrey Skoll was the very first President with the company. Both were hired in 1996. Exactly the same year eBay entered its first third party licensing handle the Electronic Travel Auction Company to use of Smart Market technology. Purpose of the offer was sale of flight tickets as well as other travel products.

A remarkable page of the good reputation for eBay was opened when since 1997, it could complete no less than two million auctions. This was a phenomenal rise when compared to 250,000 auctions in the preceding year 1996. Till that period the name of the online shopping platform was auction sale. But it was changed to eBay in September 1997 and it has been known with that name since then. – hand held tablet press

As originally your website was of the Echo Bay Technology Group, Omidyar had tried the name echobay.com nevertheless the name was not like already taken by Echo Bay Mines. He shortened the name to eBay.com and that’s what we discover on the net today.